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Allen's adventure into beekeeping began as a youngster when his father and grandfather were beekeepers in the mid 70's.  Allen states, "Beekeeping is an enjoyable hobby of mine and I have been keeping bees for over fifteen years.” Further, Allen has completed the Master Beekeeper or third of four levels in the Master Beekeepers Program with the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA)." Allen has also completed sessions one and two of the NC 'Born & Bred' program and he is currently engaging in queen rearing and making splits. He is using natural methods including the NICOT system of rearing queen bees. Allen has served as an NCSBA Mountain Regional Director. Allen’s apiaries are located in Haywood and Swain Counties.

In closing, Allen has been in Pastoral ministry for over twenty-five years and was the Pastor of Center Pigeon Baptist Church for ten years in Haywood County. Allen is currently serving as interim pastor of the Meadow Grove Baptist Church and he lives in the Bethel community with his wife, Debbie. They have one daughter, Trisha (Kevin) and one grandson and another one on the way.

Apiary in Plott Creek

Bro. Allen's Apiary Byers Apiary Keller Apiary Lott Apiary ZBees Apiary
A swarm of honey bees in a tree near the apiary. NC Master Bekeeper - Rev. Allen Blanton holding a swarm on a branch. A pollen laden honey bee taking a rest break on the beekeepers arm. Honey bees resting as they hang from the telescoping cover of the hive. Honey bee bearding on the front of the hive box. Honey bees bearding and resting on the front of the hive box. Bee hanging out on the landing of the hive box. Beekeeper Blanton holding a box of natural comb,

Primary Apiary in Canton

Catching a fall swarm is easy…

if, you talk to the girls with respect!

Apiary in Bryson City, NC

Apiary in ??

Apiary in Canton, back side of the Lake Logan road property.

A pollen laden worker resting after a long flight home.

Wow… it’s really hot in the box. Time to hang out on the porch!

This is what happens when the beek forgets to place frames in the box. They build comb the natural way!

Sometimes, we just like to hang around the hive… and soak up some sunshine!

It this beek doesn’t ventilate this hive… then, it may be best to use our wings for flying and just leave.

No, we’re not leaving… it’s just that the young’uns are too noise and we need a breather!