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honeybee Bee Swarm in tree, by Rich Byers.

Choose a club member who is closest to your location.

The Haywood County Bee Chapter (HCBC) has qualified members who can remove “honeybee-swarms” from your home or property and relocate them. Contact one of the members on the following list who is closet to your location and make arrangements for the removal of the honeybees. This “swarm-removal” service is “free-of-charge” to the property owner, however the Honeybee Swarm Removal Team (HSRT) member gets to keep the collected honeybees. Other species of bees may be relocated to a remote area, at the discretion of the team member.

In addition, the bee club graciously accepts donations that can assist us with furthering
 “Bee Education” throughout Haywood County.

For donations, make your check payable to:

Haywood County Bee Club

P.O. Box 1391

Clyde, NC 28721

Please memo your check as “Swarm-removal-donation.”

Honeybees in a tree, swarming and looking for a new place to call home.

Here are some links that offer good information concerning bee swarming.

Swarm Removal…

A Double-swarm of Honeybees

Photo by Allen Blanton

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